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All properties contain depreciation entitlements, irrespective of age, many people under estimate entitlements on older properties.
Common areas and common plant can be depreciated and are often not claimed.
Rushing to renovate, rather than leaving for a “reasonable period” after purchase may cost you substantial plant allowances on 

demolished items.

These items are depreciated at a higher rate than the building but are often bundled or overlooked.

  • Breakup of Plant, Building, Land and Ineligibles balanced to Total Capital Expenditure
  • Detailed Breakdown of Plant using both Prime Cost and Diminishing Value Methods
  • Allocation of qualifying plant to Low Value Pool and Immediate Write Off
  • Capital Allowances breakdown of qualifying Buildings and Alterations
  • Summary of Entitlements
  • Capital Expenditure Analysed
  • Reconciliation of Expenditure
  • Lifetime analysis
home |  what is tax depreciation |  improve cash flow |  fast facts |  order schedule |  about us |  contact us

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